Grayson Capps & The Lost Cause Minstrels

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Grayson Capps’ fifth studio album, The Lost Cause Minstrels, finds the Mobile, Alabama-based singer-songwriter coming of age. But that doesn’t mean his often unholy tales of the Southern Gothic have lost any of their sting. Quite the contrary, Capps’ Tao-tinged philosophical musings revealed inside songs shuddering with spit, stomp and snarl are as potent as ever. Look no further than “Highway 42,” “No Definitions” and “Rock N Roll” to hear that Capps cedes no quarter. It’s just that this time his bark and bite is more accepting of the unanswered questions mucking up the universe. And yes, occasionally, even a celebratory mood prevails like the horn-fueled romp “Ol’ Slac,” an ode the rebirth of the Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras, or “Coconut Moonshine,” a character sketch based on Mr. Jim who inhabits the hallowed roadside barbecue joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Two rare but classic American roots’ numbers are born again here, as well: Taj Mahal’s country-blues paen “Annie’s Lover” and Richard Rabbit Brown’s jaunty “Jane’s Alley Blues,” (the original recording preserved on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Folk Music).

Track List
1. Highway 42   2. Coconut Moonshine   3. John The Dagger   4. Jane’s Alley Blues   5. Chief Seattle   6. Yes You Are   7. Annie’s Lover   8. Ol’ Slac   9. Paris France   10. No Definitions   11. Rock N Roll

Live at The Paradiso

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Hailing from Alabama and spending over a decade in New Orleans, critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Grayson Capps has built a loyal following the world over. Nowhere is this more evident than in Holland where his shows draw impassioned fans who hang on every lyric from the Southern troubadour. In May 2008, Grayson headlined the legendary Amsterdam venue, The Paradiso, for a solo acoustic performance. Playing over two hours, he enthralled the audience with stories from his life and favorites from his repertoire, including "Get Back Up," "Poison," and "A Love Song For Bobby Long."

DVD Track listing:
1. Back to the Country  2. Jukebox  3. Give It To Me  4. I See You  5. Fear Fruit Bearing Trees  6.Cry Me One Tear  7. Pop's Pond 
8. If You Knew My Mind  9. Waterhole Branch  10. Mercy  11. Guitar  12. Barbara Allen  13. Love Song For Bobby Long
14. Arrowhead  15. Buckshot  16. Dawson's Story  17. Get Back Up  18. Ike  19. New Orleans Waltz  20. Lorraine's Song
21. Big Ole Woman  22. Washboard Lisa  23. Fox on the Run  24. Poison  25. Graveyard  26. Gotta Go

"Rott 'N' Roll"

"Rott 'N' Roll" Grayson Capps

Grayson Capps - Rott 'N' Roll

1. Back To The Country 2. Arrowhead 3. Gran Maw Maw 4. Psychic Cannel Blues 5. The Waltz 6. Big Black Buzzard 7. Ike 8. Sun Don't Shine on Willy 9. Big Ole Woman 10. Guitar 11. Fear Fruit Bearing Tree 12. Sock Monkey 13. Bacon

"Wail & Ride"

"Wail & Ride"

Grayson Capps - Wail and Ride
Produced by Trina Shoemaker and Grayson Capps\

1. Wail & Ride 2. Jukebox 3. New Orleans Waltz 4. Daddy’s Eyes 5. Give It To Me 6. Poison 7. Mermaid 8. Broomie 9. Junkman 10. Uncle Ed Lee 11. Cry Me One Tear 12. Waterhole Branch

Grayson Capps, James House, Tommy MacLuckie, Guthrie Trapp, Charlie Judge ,Trevor Brooks, Josh Kerin ,John Milham ,Larry Paxton

"If You Knew My Mind"

"If You Knew My Mind" - Discography

Grayson Capps - If You Knew My Mind
CD: Out of Print ***Special Edition Reissue News Coming Soon

1. Get Back Up (4:01) 2. If You Knew My Mind (3:01) 3. Slidell (3:53) 4. I Can't Hear You (3:36) 5. Love Song for Bobby Long (4:52) 6. Graveyard (3:59) 7. Mercy (3:40) 8. Lorraine's Song (4:50) 9. Washboard Lisa (3:34) 10. Buckshot (3:49) 11. How's I To Know (3:20) 12. I See You (4:02)

Grayson Capps
- acoustic/brass guitar,vocal, harmonica, drum, Tommy MacLuckie - electric guitar, harmony vocal, Trina Shoemaker - harmony vocal, shaker, backing vocal, Ryan Donohue - bass, Michael Barras - drums, Trevor Brooks - piano, organ, John Milham - drums, Rosalind Gonsalver - harmony vocal, Daron Douglas - violin, Mike Voelker - drums

"A Love Song for Bobby Long"

Love Song for Bobby Long SoudntrackMovie Soundtrack: "Love Song for Bobby Long"
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1. Someday - Los Lobos        2. Lorraine's Song - Theresa Andersson & Grayson Capps     3. Bone - Thalia Zedek     4. Bobby (Original Score) - Nathan Larson     5. Different Stars - Trespassers William     6. Lonesome Blues - Lonnie Pitchford     7. Early Every Morning - Magic Slim    8. I Really Don't Want To Know - John Travolta    9. Barbara Allen - John Travolta    10. This Isn't It - Giant Drag    11. Daughter Like Mother (Original Score) - Nathan Larson    12. Rising Son - Big Bill Morganfield     13. Washboard Lisa - Grayson Capps    14. Blonde on Blonde - Nada Surf    15. Praying Ground Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins    16. Love Song For Bobby Long - Grayson Capps

In conjunction with Lion’s Gate Films nationwide release of the motion picture,
A Love Song For Bobby Long, starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson, HYENA Records presents the film’s one-of-a-kind soundtrack. It features previously unreleased music by Grayson Capps, Theresa Andersson and John Travolta as well as songs by Los Lobos, Nada Surf, Thalia Zedek, Trespassers William, Giant Drag, Magic Slim and Lightnin’ Hopkins.


"Songbones" - Discography

Grayson Capps - Songbones

1. Slidell 2. Washboard Lisa 3. Guitar 4. Graveyard 5. I Can't Hear You (listen) 6. Mermaid 7. Junior 8. Junkman 9. Psychic Channel Blues 10. I See You


Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe III

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