photo by Sid Smith

Fairhope, Ala. native John Milham began playing drums in high school. The experience
was integral as he was introduced to jazz and symphonic music after previous love
affairs with the standard fare of R & B, country and rock. This learning curve included
a summer spent at the Loyola jazz camp where he studied with New Orleans drumming
legend Johnny Vidocovich
Following high school, Milham spent seven years on the road with regional favorites
Haere Marue, a staple of the southeastern jam band circuit during the 1990s. After the
combo parted ways, he enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and studied
under greats such as Bob Moses, Kenwood Dennard, John Ramsey and Jamey Haddad.

“Milham's drumming is expressive, tight and fun.”
Trey Andrews - It Came From The Porch

After his matriculation, Milham returned to Mobile, Ala. and began playing and
touring with funk/fusion band Kung Fu Mama. That led to a stint with trumpeter Carlos
Washington and the Amazing Giant People Ensemble. He followed that up by forming
the jazz trio Vibration Configuration and joined funk/fusion project Zombo Combo.
Milham crossed paths with Americana roots singer/songwriter Grayson Capps in 2000
and joined Capps’ backing band The Stumpknockers in 2003. He has recorded on four
albums with Capps and played to packed houses in various international venues.

“John Milham’s drums swing or rock as required and Capps’ vocals just so warm and
easy, cracking in all the right places.”
Jim Driscoll - Band Weblogs

Milham has also toured and played with Bo Diddley, Lisa Mills and classical guitarist
Ken Hatfield in addition to other regional and local talents.
He is the producer and creative force for an annual Mobile Christmas tradition, a live
performance of Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” The jazzy classic is
accompanied by opening acts from around the nation.

“He is the quietest in volume when speaking, but he makes up for it with his cool
Kyle M. Palarino - Blueswax

The drummer passes on his love for music to future generations by teaching a kids
percussion camp each summer. His appeal is evident as Milham was voted Mobile's Best
Drummer by readers of the Mobile independent newspaper Lagniappe for 2008, 2009 and
2011 and was runner up in 2010.

“He has a wonderful flare that accents each song.”
Kyle M. Palarino - Blueswax

Milham has also earned a couple of screen credits, appearing in Sony Pictures 2011
film “Strawdogs” and will appear in the upcoming release “Limo Ride” which has been
submitted for inclusion in the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
Also on tap for 2014, Milham plans on producing and releasing an album of original
He continues to tour and play with Capps’ current backing band The Lost Cause
Minstrels. Milham also has a side project named Soul Shakedown with Lisa Mills, Donna
Hall and Funky Meters guitarist Brian Stoltz.
This husband and father of two “wonderful” children lives in Laurel, Miss. and is highly
in tune with matters physical and metaphysical, devoting time to yoga, meditation and
healthy eating. He feels a strong connection between nutrition and performance.

Corky Hughes (guitar)

Corky Hughes (guitar) - Lost Cause Minstrels

Corky began his professional career playing throughout the South in the 70’s with R&B artist Theodore Arthur Jr. and then later with his own rock group, Excalibur. In 1984, he became lead guitarist for legendary rockers, Black Oak Arkansas and toured throughout the U.S. After moving to Atlanta Georgia the next year, he played and recorded with Tone Poets, Chris Edmonds, and Darryl Rhoades and the Mighty Men From Glad (with whom he appears on the Brendan O’Brien produced album No Glove, No Love). Since returning in 1992 to his home in Mobile, Alabama, Corky has played guitar for a diverse group of artists including Kung Fu Mama, Carlos Washington’s Giant People, Star Cullars, Molly Thomas, Jimmy Hall and Wet Willie, and Bo Diddley. Corky can also be heard on Beverly Jo Scott’s Coming Home CD, Lisa Mills’ I’m Changing, and violinist Tom Morley’s recent release, Raven’s Wing (A Curious Collection of Fiddle Tunes), as well as various projects with former Kung Fu Mama band mates, the Lost Cause Minstrels.

Christian Grizzard (bass)

Christian Grizzard (bass) - Lost Cause Minstrels Christian Grizzard - bass

Bassist Christian Grizzard is originally from Flatwoods, GA and now resides in Nashville, TN. A Lost Cause Minstrel since early 2010, he has played bass for The Johnny HIland Band, Carolina Rain, Bee Speed, Kung Fu Mama, The Rob Thorworth Trio and many others. Christian also directs his original musical project, The Electric Experiment.

Chris Spies (keyboards)

Chris Spies (keyboards) - Lost Cause MinstrelsChris Spies plays keyboards of all shapes and sizes.
When he's not playing keyboards he spends his time circuit bending and 
creating weird noise machines.